NEAR 2021

NEAR Conference Saturday, August 28th, 2021

Welcome to NEAR 2021! The theme for this year's NEAR Language Education Conference is Meaningful Learning in Local Contexts. And we are proud to be working with the Teaching Young Learners Special Interest Group (TYL SIG) to bring to you incredible speakers. All vetted presenters are invited to submit to our annual peer-reviewed collection.

NEAR 2021

About JALT Niigata

JALT Niigata is proud to provide teachers in the Niigata area with a forum for professional development through regular presentations, workshops and meetings. We typically host between 7 and 10 events per year that cover topics ranging from the practical to the theoretical, and are aimed at language teachers at any level of education.

JALT Niigata Team

Clare Kaneko - President

Philip Nguyen - Treasurer

Emily Choong - Membership Chair

Michael Ruddick - Program Chair / Secretary

Nathaniel Reed - Publicity Chair

Melodie Cook - Member-at-Large

Eli Pappas - Outreach Chair

NEAR Conference Team

Clare Kaneko - Conference Chair

Philip Nguyen - Conference Chair (Tech Support)

Emily Choong - Conference Co-Chair

Yui Kato - Zoom Host Student Volunteer

Suzuna Watanabe - Zoom Host Student Volunteer

TYL SIG Officers

Grant Osterman - SIG Coordinator

Martin Sedaghat - Program Chair

Kate Sato - Publications Chair/Editor

Gaby Benthien - Publicity Chair

Nicholas J. Wilson - Publicity Co-Chair

Brittny Okahara - Social Media Coordinator